How to choose the right cat tree

Cats have a curious nature and they love elevated spaces where they can see everything that is going on. That’s why cat trees are the deal that makes your cat happy while entertaining them.

Cat trees are composed of multiple areas, each with a different altitude, but also provide a scratching surface so your cat can scratch onto it to sharpen their claws, which are necessary to them!

Cat trees are also useful to stop your cat from scratching your furnitures. They may have that bad habits from time to time but try to redirect this habit toward the scratching area of your cat tree.

How to choose the right cat tree for you cat?

Your cat’s age and ability matters. For a kitten that is curious and full of energy, a more elaborated and a higher cat tree so they can climb and play around. The 5 Tier 2 Home & Rest by TRUSTIE is a good example of an elaborate cat tree that allow your cat to have fun, scratch around and hide in comfortable spots.

If you have a senior cat a simpler like the 2 Tier with Home & Toy by TRUSTIE one will do as they loose their ability and loose their need to spend their energy into playing. 

However each cat has their own personality, so you would know best if your cat needs more levels on its cat tree or if a simple one will do. If you have multiple cats you could use a bigger tree, if your cat like height then choose one with lot of different levels. If your cat is playful, you can find lot of cat trees with toys added to them. 

There are multiple design, from simple to cat trees with cradles, ladder or cat trees with fun designs. As for the colors, it’s up to you but people will generally go for grey or beige as they are neutral colors and will blend well in your home.

You should also considerate the space you have in your home. If you have enough space for a larger tree, it is better to invest into that type of cat tree as your cat will grow bigger and will need more space of his own too.

Make sure the cat tree is stable and won’t fall over in case your cat plays too hard on it or jump from it, which can unbalance the tree and knock it over if it’s not stable. 

Encourage your cat to use the tree. With either treats are catnip, make them trust the new furnitures and the features that comes with it. Show the hiding spots and the scratching surfaces and with a bit of time they will relax and they will make their cat tree their new home.

Overall, if you are looking for a cat tree for your cat or kitten, there are a few things to take into consideration, such as your cat’s age, agility, and interests. There are lots of cat trees with different and interesting designs to satisfy your fluffy pet.


We made a few selections of cat trees that your cat might love:




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