Taking Your Cat on A Walk and How To Do It Safely

Going on walks isn’t just for dogs! People may laugh at you but it is possible to take your cat for a walk.

As a pet lover, it is a dream to be able to take our furry friends everywhere and show them the world.

While your cat may be a domesticated indoor kitty their whole life, exposing them to the outdoors can be a great form of enrichment. Being exposed to all sorts of sights, sounds, and smells can get your cat stimulated and engaged. These adventures can help alleviate boredom which in turn, keeps your kitty out of trouble.

Not to mention, it is a good way for both you and your kitty to get some exercise. Here are some tips on how to safely take your cat out on a stroll.


#1 Stay up to date on their vaccines 

Staying on track for your cat’s vaccinations is crucial for making sure your pet stays healthy. Ask your vet about vaccinations and parasite prevention as you won’t know what your cat may be exposed to outside.

#2 Consider the surroundings 

Before taking your cat out for a stroll, you will need to consider what they will be exposed to. Will they be bumping into other cats or local wildlife? Are there harmful plants in the area?

If your cat is not used to a lot of people, you would want to consider taking them somewhere with low foot traffic.

cat staring outside

#3 Use a cat harness and leash  

Harnesses can give a lot more control than a collar when it comes to taking them on a walk. A collar attached to a leash can be dangerous if your cat decides to start running or jumping.

While your cat may be a domesticated indoor kitty their whole life, you cannot deny their innate predator instincts. At any given time, they have the capability to run, jump, and chase whatever they please. The last thing you want is for your kitty to chase a squirrel they saw. Use a standard leash and not a retractable one to make sure that your cat isn’t straying too far from you.

That being said, it is best to let your cat get used to wearing the new cat accessories at home first.

#4 Bring a cat carrier

Your cat may not be used to walking for long periods of time or they may get startled and anxious. A cat carrier can be a good place for them to retreat when these occasions arise. Pack a blanket or towel in the carrier so you can safely carry your cat when they get agitated.

So what do you think? Do you think both you and your cat are up for going on a new adventure?

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