The Perfect Fish Tank

Thinking about getting a fish? That’s a lovely idea! And like every animal, you need to get ready first before welcoming them to your home. We have created a step-by-step guide for you to easily prepare your new fish house! 


Step 1: Choose the right tank. 

It is recommended to choose a big tank for fish so they can grow happily and not develop any form of anxiety or depression from too-small tanks where they get bored easily and aren’t free to swim however they want.


Step 2: Find a good spot for your fish tank. 

Keep in mind that fish are easily stressed, so find a location where there will be no direct sunlight on the fish tank. Don’t put it next to a window, a heater, or an air conditioner as temperature changes disorient and stress the fish along with loud noises. Place the fish tank in a quiet and shady place near electric outlets for the equipment. Once you find a place like this, make sure it is flat and steady in order to equally support the weight of the tank and not damage it.


Step 3: Wash the gravel and ornaments vigorously with hot water

The goal is to have no chemical substances so that the fish are not harmed. Clean the gravel and ornaments until the water is all clear, then you can put them in the fish tank


Step 4: Now that your gravel and ornaments are in the tank, fill ⅓ of the tank with tap water. Pour it slowly in order not to create fog with the gravel. A known tip is to put a place at the bottom of the tank and pour water on it


Step 5: Add plants for the fish and place them in a way so you can hide your equipment. This way it’ll make your tank prettier while providing a good environment for your fish where he can hide whenever he wants to 


Step 6: Add more water to your tank, don’t fill it up to the top but you should put enough water for the fish to be able to swim, at least 80% of the tank must be filled with water


Step 7: Now is the time to install the filters, either outside or inside the tank. If they are inside, make sure the tube goes all the way down but doesn’t touch the gravel. If it’s too long, you can cut the tube to the right length. You can also add an air pump and a heater so the water is at room temperature, as few types of fish can handle cold water. Once everything is in position, you can turn on all the equipment.


Step 8: An important step to make sure your fish will do fine in his new tank is to use a water conditioner to dechlorinate the tap water, as it contains chemicals that could harm the fish in the long run. You can also add treatments against harmful bacteria or algae that may develop in the tank 


Step 9: Leave for 24 hours. Check to see if the water’s pH is around 7 and that the water temperature is not too cold or hot. It should be around 25°C (75°F)


Step 10: Your tank is ready to welcome your new friend! 

You should keep testing the water now and then to make sure everything is working perfectly. Those steps also work whenever you have to clean your fish tank! 


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