The perfect healthy diet for your dog

“We are what we eat,” and this applies to dogs as well. Keeping track of your dog’s health is an important step to ensure they grow healthy and happy and can stay by your side for a long time. You may find it hard for you to follow a healthy diet but don’t worry, it’s a lot easier for dogs, and we are here to give you some valuable tips for making a high-quality diet for your beloved companion.

  • Each diet is specific to one dog

As you understand, every being is different from one another, and this goes for your dog as well. Through the steps that will be listed below, make sure that you understand your dog’s needs, as puppies and adult dogs do not have the same needs, just like small dogs and bigger dogs’ needs are different. You can adapt the tips according to your dog’s needs. If you don’t know what they are, you can ask a professional who will guide you through your pet’s diet.


  • Make sure the diet contains all the nutrients

Dogs are omnivorous; therefore, they can and need to eat all sorts of things, like meat, fish, and chicken, but also plants and vegetables. You can choose one over another, but always make sure your dog gets all the nutrients needed so he doesn’t get any deficiencies. You can give supplements to your dog to be sure it gets every nutrient it needs

Cooked meat and biologically appropriate raw food (B.A.R.F) diet are also good diets for your dog to keep him healthy. In order to avoid sickness, make sure your raw meat comes from proper sources and is served blandly to your dog, along with vegetables and carbs, all prepared in a hygienic environment.


  • Feed your dog more natural food 

Processed food is bad for humans, but it’s also bad for dogs. Processed food increases the chances of inflammation and most importantly, they lack the nutrients your dog needs to grow healthy. That’s why you should be careful of what you give your dog.


  • Prefer wet food over dry food 

Kibbles are more convenient and cheaper than wet food; however, wet food has better advantages, mainly because there is a higher percentage of water contained in it, hydrating your dog, but also because there is more protein.

If you rather keep feeding your dog dry food, it’s alright, just ensure to add vegetables and fruits to the kibbles

Although vegetables and fruits have various benefits, some are bad for dogs and could even be lethal, like onions or grapes. Make sure to know about each one of them to not risk your dog’s life.

When preparing your dog’s food it is important to keep in mind that the diet should be balanced in order for your dog to ingest all the nutrients needed that are found in meat, vegetables, and fruits. Adapt the diet to your dog’s stage in life and weight so your pet can be healthy and keep living a happy life with you.

Find here a selection of nutritious and delicious food for your beloved dog:

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