Toxic Plants

Animals are naturally curious creatures, and with their highly sensitive senses, they can know more about something either by smelling it or eating it. However, when something is toxic, they won’t be aware of it, and some plants are highly toxic for your pets! You may even have some in your own house. The side effects of the ingestion of those plants can cause serious problems in the long run and may even cause death

Here is a short list of common plants we can have in our house that are highly toxic to our pets. 

  • Tulips

Tulips, as pretty as they look, cause an upset stomach, depression and a loss of appetite when our pet eats parts of it

  • Lily of the Valley

The little flowers of Lily of the Valley cause serious harm to pets like vomiting, low blood pressure, disorientation, seizures and even coma which can all lead to death.

  • Cyclamen, Daisies, and Daffodils

The ingestion of plants like Cyclamen, Daisies, and Daffodils triggers vomiting, diarrhea, and drooling.

  • Lilies 

The ingestion of any part of Lilies including their pollen can cause kidney failure and death. 

It is really important to keep an eye on what your pets are eating, and the same goes for their food diet. They need high-quality and naturals food to lower their risks of getting diseases and cancer. Pet Lovers Center offers a wide range of nutritional food for cats, dogs and even smaller pets to make sure that all our beloved pets get their immune systems strengthened.

In case of any emergencies or concern, you can contact our Pet Care Consultant for professional advice and access pet healthcare.

Don’t forget to check out our Pet Pharmacy where you can get pet medication and supplies from the comfort of your home!

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